Metallurgic Production

• Desorption and chemical reactivation of activated carbon.
• Smelting and refining of Merrill - Crowe precipitates, amalgams and doré.
• Treatment of flotation and gravimetry concentrates.
• Recovery of gold and silver contained in: fine activated carbon, foundry sludge and slag, graphite crucibles.

Analysis laboratory

• Analysis of gold and silver in minerals, metallics, concentrates, activated carbon and solutions.
• Atomic absorption spectroscopy for exploration minerals Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd.
• Classic volumetric analysis for Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, etc. concentrates.
• Metallurgical tests of flotation, gravimetry and cyanidation.

Metalworking manufacturing

Design, manufacture and installation with turnkey delivery of:
• Activated carbon desorption plants.
• Eductor equipments.
• Vacuum filters.
• Tanks for chemical reactivation of carbon.
• Automatic heaters.
• Vibrating screens.
• Mercury recovery retorts.
• Smelting furnaces.

Gold and silver trading

• Purchase and sale in the national and international market.
• Commercial intermediation for export.