We first began operations in 1998 as Grupo Oroandino in Lima - Peru, providing precious metal refining services to the mining and jewelry industries in the country. By the year 2002 the first activated carbon desorption services are undertaken.

The development of the national mining industry and the increased demand of our services propitiates the opening of the mineral analysis laboratory area for gold, silver and polymetallic; as well as the tests and metallurgical research service. In 2008 our business group is renewed and adopts the name of AURICA. Additionally, two new branches were opened: one in the city of Arequipa and the other in the city of Chala, where MINERALAB was born.

In the same year, we started the commercialization of precious metals through METALAB company, which currently supplies gold and silver to the local industry and the international market. In 2017 we expanded our services in the metal- mechanical area, manufacturing and settling up desorption plants and related equipment. Currently, AURICA Group continues on the path of innovation, updating, growth and improvement of services thanks to the efforts of our collaborators, as well as the trust and loyalty of our customers.



Communication with our personnel, customers and suppliers is based on integrity, cooperation, transparency and truthfulness.


We constantly strive to provide quality services and work in an efficient, orderly and punctual manner.


We take care and safeguard the information we receive from our clients, protecting them and providing them with confidence and security.


Our personnel well-being, health and safety is our main concern. We continuously train to prevent accidents and occupational incidents that might occur.


We foster a collaboration environment that generates a supportive and effective teamwork, because by integrating forces we obtain achievements for all.